Mercante in fiera

Mercanteinfiera figures

First of all, Mercanteinfìera certainly is the oldest trade show dedicated to Antiques and Modern Antiques not only in ltaly but in Europe.

A 30-year long tradition with two editions a year that feature ancient suggestions and fascinating curiosities, make Mercante a unique and originai event: a big eclectic market for antiques lovers, followers, collectors or merely curious visitors
Each edition of the trade show also presents two collateral events as well as the following services: free-of-charge expertise, direct connection to the motorway, bars and refreshing points in each hall, as well as bank offìces and cash points. A shuttle bus also connects the Trade grounds to the city of Parma.

The autumn edition presents an extraordinary event, Mercanteinauto, a three-day show dedicated to cars, historic motorcycles, spare parts and automobilia: take a plunge into authentic collecting.

The places of Mercanteinfiera

Mercanteinfiera returns with a new layout: Antiques occupy the central exhibition space, XXth century is hosted in the front area while a completely new section is dedicated to collecting and jewels.

The exhibition area stretches between the Southern and the Western entrances: the show is easy to visit, even far newcomers.



Viale delle Esposizioni, 393A – 43126 Parma – Italy