LA GALLINARA SRL Since 1986 we produce basil pesto and others vegetable spreads

PANDOLIO S.C. We are a small italian’s company from Liguria and we produce handmade and artisanal biscuits of our region without butter and made of olive oil. They are nearly all vegan and without preservative.
We dispose of two pandolietti’s ranges :
-Sweets :  Classic Pandolietti, Chocolate Pandolietti,  Cocoa and Hazelnuts Pandolietti, Lemon Pandolietti, Yogurt Pandolietti, Hemp Pandolietti, Wholemeal Pandolietti.
-Savory : Pandolietti Classic Savory Appetizer , Pandolietti Rosemary, Pandolietti  Onion, Pandolietti Parmisan Cheese, Pandolietti  Pesto.
Our “pandolietti” are a must and know a great success nearby of our clients.
However our products doesn’t restrict as only “pandolietti” indeed we produce also two others ranges. The first is “butter’s products”, the only products which we create with butter. In this range, we find our “sfogliatine” (a leafy pastry) and our “Burrosi”, These products are yeast-free.
Then we have a last range which is dedicated at liguria’s specialities only, there are anchored in the cultural heritage of the region. This range beginning by the presentation of our “Stroscia, Torta biscotto” which is a cake with olive oil. Tastes are various, we have one at Cocoa and Hazelnut and other 2 smaller at “Moscato d’Asti” and another one at cinnamon flavor. The last liguria’s speciality which we produce is “Fisherman’s bread”, alike a big cookie. This product is crunchy outside and melting inside.  Made with olive oil, it comprised of olive, nuts, orange’s barks and grapes. We sell this type of products in standard form (box with the big cookie) and in plastic bag of four cookies (Fisherman’s Pandolcini) for the most reasonable.
Our company is committed to sustainability, all our packaging are in FSC paper, and our company is structured to save energy.

NOBERASCO Noberasco is the Italian market leader in the dry and dried fruit sector, thanks to the expertise achieved in over a century of activity.

COSTATIROLO S.A.R.L. Our Vineyards, mostly composed of Vermentino grapes, are located in the DOC area of Colli di Luni and produce very elegant wines. Our land, between Liguria and Toscana lies 300 meters above sea level with southern exposure, here the wine is produced on terraces carved from the rocky slopes facing Tirreno sea.
In 2018 our farm becomes a Company. The aim of the new company is to maintain the wine tradition and at the same time to expand its production applying a more managerial management

FRANTOIO DI SANT’AGATA D’ONEGLIA On hillsides in the province of imperia, among a scattering of houses in a old
village loocking out over the ligurian sea, frantoio sant’agata d’oneglia produces
a range of speciality olive oils. oils that have outstanding nutritional and helthgiving qualities that are an expression of an ancient tradition typical of this area.
The secret of its success is the dedication and passion of the mela family, who
from way back in 1827 have focused on cultivating these olives to produce top
quality olive oil. This experience, together with unquestionable prefessionalsim,
have entitled the family to become members of the guild of master olive oil
producers: an elite of expert producers and researchers dedicated to
disseminating olive oil culture throughout the world.
The olive press has won numerous awards. among the many,worthy of note was
the first prize in the “light fruity” category at the prestigious ercole olivario award:
a nationwide competition organised by the italian chamber of commerce. And so
despite a limited production,the quality that only a family business can gurantee
means that frantoio sant’agata d’oneglia olive oils and all the specialities like
pesto ligure, taggiasca olives in brine,taggiasca stoned olive in oil, taggiasca
olives paste are now found on all five continents in prestigious restaurants and
shops offering gastronomic delights and gourmet products.

PANDORA’ SRL bakery products: breadsticks, flatbreads, focaccia

ARRIGONI SOCIETA’ AGRICOLA SAS Since 1913, wine has been the passion, pride and raison d’être of the Arrigoni Family. Each bottle, each glass, each drop of our wine is the result of a time-honoured tradition, strong work ethics, respect and gratitude for our land that has always blessed us with fruit. It all started in the early 1913s with Bruno Arrigoni, the forefather of our family, from whom we learned the value of hard work, patience and craftsmanship. Year after year, we carry out each stage of the winemaking process in keeping with his teachings, from harvesting in our vineyards to bottling. This is why, each time we label a bottle with our family coat of arms, we know that bottle has all our history in it.Before arriving to your table to delight your palate and that of your tablemates and guests, each Arrigoni wine originates from what Nature has designated as its area of origin par excellence – the Tuscan hills of San Geminiano, home to the Pietraserena estate, and Liguria, where the Rosadimmaggio estate stretches  through a breathtaking scenery encompassing the towns of Masignano di Arcola, Castelnuovo Magra, Sarzana as well as the world-famous Cinque Terre, a UNESCO World Heritage site. What brings these very different, sometimes even opposite lands together is the fact that each represents a unique, centuries-old agricultural tradition.

SOC.AGR. LE TERRE DEL BARONE SAS management of olive groves, production of extra virgin olive oil, table olives

PASTIFICIO DELFINO The Pastificio Delfino is a family business, now in the 4th generation of Master Pasta Makers (Mastri Pastai). Creators and producers of high quality artisan food. The creations range from frozen fresh pasta (-18 °C), to fresh sauces (+ 4°C) and gastronomy (-18 °C).
The company philosophy is based on respect for tradition, with artisan production techniques to create only quality products, without adding anything else, starting from the best raw materials. The delicatessens created are part of both the Ligurian and Italian culinary traditions, but also from the inspiration and creative palate of the members of the Delfino family.
Delfino’s product is tasty, unique, versatile, genuine, handcrafted and easy to use.
We produce both in HoReCa format and in large – scale distribution, or delicatessent format.
Ask us for a no-obligation product trial.