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Our tax professionals offer services across all tax disciplines to help you thrive in this era of rapid change.

Our globally coordinated tax professionals offer connected services across all tax disciplines to help you thrive in an era of rapid change. We combine our exceptional knowledge and experience with the people and technology platforms that make us an ideal partner for your tax-related needs.

EY has competencies in business tax, international tax, transaction tax and tax-related issues associated with people, compliance and reporting and law. We invite you to leverage our experience, knowledge and business insights to help you succeed.



DB Tax & Legal è uno studio di consulenti fiscali ed aziendali ad Amsterdam.

La persona di riferimento e’ il dott. Robert Brinks, consulente fiscale ed aziendale, che vanta un’ottima conoscenza dell’ italiano ed un’esperienza decennale nei rapporti commerciali italo-olandesi.

Sul sito potete trovare informazioni sulla fiscalità olandese.





DTS Tax Solutions is a tax advisory and compliance firm for foreign companies operating and investing in the Netherlands that can help you with Dutch and international tax matters, both personal and corporate.

DTS has offices in Amsterdam, Arnhem and Eindhoven and works closely together with Italian accountants based in both Italy and the Netherlands.

Through its website, DTS can assist with setting up your business in the Netherlands.

As all advisors at DTS and CompanyNL are tax consultants, they can also advise on how to structure you business tax-efficiently, both in the Netherlands, and in and international perspective.

They are experienced in analysing and applying the tax treaty between Italy and the Netherlands to prevent double taxation.



Sostesa srls, founded by registered accountants and certified auditors,  provides fiscal and corporate consultancy, to companies and individuals, in Italy and in the Nederlands.

The organization is based with its network in Brescia , in Desenzano del Garda and in Rotterdam, guaranteeing professional assistance , also on site.



Samen is a bookkeping office based in Haarlem ( 15minutes from Amsterdam) . I , Silvia, offer administrative and financial services in Italian, English and Dutch. Samen works closely with Dutch and international tax experts.




Fondato nel 1982, lo Studio, grazie alle ormai consolidate competenze maturate dai suoi titolari e ad una costante crescita professionale dei propri collaboratori, è in grado di offrire quell’insieme di servizi professionali e consulenziali che ogni Cliente s’attende ricevere da uno Studio Commercialista, combinando tempistiche al passo con feed back sempre più rapidi e professionalmente incisivi.Attività svolte

  • Attività aziendalistica
  • Servizi contabili
  • Revisione contabile
  • Attività tecnico-giuridica
  • Gestione straordinaria
  • Internazionalizzazione Imprese

La persona di riferimento è il Dott. Giacomo Dino Trinchera – Dottore Commercialista e Revisore Legale dei Conti – Titolare dell’omonimo Studio professionale, Socio, Co-Amministratore e Rappresentante Legale di Serinta S.r.l. – Servizi Integrati alle Aziende, Socio e Vice-Presidente del Consiglio di Amministrazione di Rewal S.r.l.- Società di revisione contabile -, Componente ed ex Presidente Commissione Internazionalizzazione Imprese per il suo Ordine di appartenenza (ODCEC Sondrio), Corrispondente Camerale della Camera di Commercio Italiana per l’Olanda in Italia.




TMF Group helps global companies expand and invest seamlessly across international borders. Its expert accountants and legal, HR and payroll professionals are located around the world, helping clients to operate their corporate structures, finance vehicles and investments in different locations.

With operations in more than 85 countries providing global business services, TMF Group is the global expert that understands local needs. Also for your Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) administration and Collection Receivables services if you don’t get your invoices paid you can reach out to TMF Group for assistance.


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ITA Airways is the new national airline of Italy, 100% owned by the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance, active since November 2020.

ITA Airways’ mission is to be an efficient, innovative carrier, that is the reference point in ensuring quality connectivity within Italy and international destinations, stimulating tourism and trade.

We also aim to be ambassadors of Italian excellence in the world.


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Grazie a un modello di servizio totalmente orientato al cliente e costituito da un unico interlocutore: il Relationship Manager, forniamo una gamma completa di servizi innovativi e soluzioni ad hoc. Inoltre, i nostri clienti possono contare sul know-how, sulle competenze e sulla presenza di un grande gruppo bancario internazionale come Intesa Sanpaolo.


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Luiss Business School is an internationally recognized institution accredited by EQUIS and AMBA, on the eligibility  short track for the AACSB accreditation and the coveted triple-crown accreditation status in higher education.

The school’s education model focuses on the students to develop strategic, analytical, and creative skills that support their personal and professional growth at all levels. The broad portfolio does not just teach business concepts, but rather, generates processes of transformation that cultivate an attitude of change, and provide students with the knowledge and skills that meet current and future economic and social challenges.

The school’s teaching approach is characterized by an entrepreneurial emphasis that combines problem–solving, creativity, and critical thinking. It also values the importance of sustainability, social impact, and diversity, and understands the opportunities offered by digital transformation.

Across all international locations – Rome | Milan | Belluno | Amsterdam – Luiss Business School offers an extensive range of I-st and II-nd level Master’s Degree Programmes and Executive Education covering all management areas, designed to equip students and working professionals with the skills and knowledge to become leaders for a better world.


Established in 2020, Luiss Business School Amsterdam is the first international hub of the long-established Italian business management school. Opening up its higher education offering with international campuses is an important milestone for Luiss Business School, as it creates a lifeline to and from Rome to students interested in international opportunities in education and work.

Luiss Business School Amsterdam Hub’s growing portfolio offers multi-hub programmes that split terms between the Netherlands and Italy while accessing the most valuable local faculty resources and business networks relevant to each area of study and each territory. Study sustainability in Amsterdam, study fashion in Milan and global healthcare in Rome.

The Academic Dean of Luiss Business School Amsterdam Hub is Dr. Joris Ebbers, Full Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation.


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Cacao is an interior architecture studio founded by Camilla Casiccia.
I specialise in designing spaces for restaurants and cafés, as well as offices and houses.
With a talent for developing compelling concepts and unique spatial identities, I design interiors that truly captivate and stand out.
My style is distinctive, eclectic, pop and minimalist that harmoniously blends Italian influences with European design principles and precision.





Corinne Schrauwen is a Dutch architect (TU Delft, 1989). Her professional and living experience includes The Netherlands, France, Ghana and Italy.

In 1994, following 4 years working in Italy (Firenze), Corinne began her own architectural firm in Amsterdam.

As the business grew, she became, successively, the owner of Schrauwen Architecten and co-owner of Abken Schrauwen Architecten. Since the start of 2013 Corinne has been working independently as an architect and international project consultant in Amsterdam.




Vermeer – Sacchetti  Design was founded in 2012 by the Italian architect Sabrina Vermeer-Sacchetti .

She  studied architecture at the University of Firenze (Italy) and at the Berlage Institute in Rotterdam, she lives and works since 2000 in Amsterdam.

Vermeer – Sacchetti  Design offers  a full range of architectural services, from concept to completion.

Over  twenty years of experience in new buildings design, home renovations,  restauration and conversion of historic buildings, interior design, real estate development and sustainable architecture.

Sabrina Vemeer  Sacchetti  is local architect and project manager for building projects in the retail sector for various brands in the Netherlands.


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AMA Corporate Solutions is a full scope service provider where clients can consolidate all the services needed for the proper maintenance of their companies. 

At AMA we offer high quality legal, accounting, payrolling, tax compliance and HR solutions against reasonable fees and all under the same umbrella.

Our aim is to ensure that our clients can focus on their business while we take care of the administrative support needed to keep their companies in good standing.





Digital Angels is one of the most advanced and qualified integrated agencies, with offices in Rome, Milan and Amsterdam. Since 2011, we support brands’ growth thanks to our experience in Strategy, Creativity, Social Media Marketing, Media Planning, SEO, Data & Analytics.

Over years of experience, we have developed close partnerships with the main industry players such as Google, Meta, Amazon, Microsoft, SEMrush, Sky Media and Criteo, and we have been repeatedly chosen among the most innovative and fastest growing companies in Italy and Europe, according to the rankings of the Financial Times and Deloitte.

Our ambition is to be an agency that existing and prospective clients look to as an agile and transparent partner that can deliver success. To do so, we offer high quality customized solutions for our clients worldwide across several industries, thanks to a well-formed and high-skilled team of more than 100 Angels, all regularly hired, coming from international backgrounds and diverse disciplines. We are ready to achieve your business goals, by working as partners at your side.



Elena Braccioli – Consultancy Sales Foodsupplements

EBBDS is  a consulting company active from Holland throughout the European and international territory for more then 10 years, with regard to food supplements, medical devices and cosmetics.

Strengthened by the collaboration and experience of companies such as Labomar group and Biodue Spa, for years has developed the launch of new products in pharmacies and in large-scale distribution on the German market.

EBBDS é da 10 anni una societá di consulenza, attiva dall’Olanda per tutto il territorio Europeo e internazionale, per quanto riguarda l’integratore alimentare, dispositivi medici e cosmetici.

Forte della collaborazione ed esperienza di societá quali Labomar group e Biodue Spa, per anni ho sviluppato lancio di nuovi prodotti in farmacia e nella grande distribuzione sul mercato tedesco.



Limatola Consultancy offre servizi di consulenza linguistica tra cui: traduzione e revisione di testi, interpretariato commerciale e mediazione internazionale, assistenza alle aziende a 360gradi. Inoltre la società si occupa di organizzazione di eventi internazionali ed il design di eventi o itinerari personalizzati.

Per ulteriori informazioni invito a visitare il sito




Poliedro Consultancy BV, located in Amsterdam, focuses on companies who want to start their business in the Netherlands. The staff of Poliedro consists of professionals in the legal, accounting and administrative area. The activities of Poliedro include a wide range of services that are aimed at facilitating and optimising the needs of parties who conduct commercial activities in the Netherlands. All from an administrative and management perspective.




At DolkHesper Amsterdam b.v. we help companies and investors to expand to the Netherlands. We relieve them of time consuming paperwork and practical matters, so that they can focus on doing business.

We assist with:

  • Starting a business in the Netherlands
  • Finding an office in Amsterdam
  • Dutch bookkeeping
  • Dutch corporate law
  • Dutch employment law
  • Dutch tax rules and benefits

We speak Dutch, Swedish, English, German, Spanish and Italian!

Visit us at DolkHesper Amsterdam b.v. B.V.De Ruyterkade 5, 4th floor, Amsterdam





Hoegen Dijkhof Legal Services BV (“Arcanum”) is a highly specialised management & company services provider (trust office) based at Amsterdam. Arcanum holds the official license granted by the Dutch Central Bank to manage inter alia BV companies. Arcanum offers an attractive package deal for incorporation, domiciliation, management & administrative services at Amsterdam in standard situations. Arcanum’s fixed fees will cover the normal use of a Dutch BV based on a standard situation. Arcanum provides (inter alia):

  • entity formation services
  • domiciliation of the entity/entities in The Netherlands
  • management services; one or more Dutch director(s)
  • keeping the entity/entities in good legal standing
  • board and shareholder meetings
  • accounting services
  • VAT number application
  • tax registrations and filings
  • application for bank account(s)
  • secretarial services
  • meeting rooms

We have the required experience in setting up international structures and managing these structures, including the so called STAK-structure.




H4E – your portal to Holland!

To start a new life in a foreign country is exciting but costs a lot of energy. Everything is new, everything is different, the language is difficult; you don’t know where to find the grocery store meanwhile your kids have to start the new school…and ohhhh, you haven’t an internet connection yet! Does it sounds familiar? I bet so.

We offer all services and support to expats moving to the Netherlands. Tailor made, in your own language. How to register at the town hall or which school to choose for your children, where to find an electrician or how to read correspondence in Dutch…you name it and we will solve it. Let us make Holland your home!




Link2Italy supports your company’s activities on the Italian market from market-entry to scale-up projects, offering Marketing Services, Business and Project Management as well as Corporate Services. We are based in Northern Italy as well as in the Netherlands and we have been familiar with the Italian and Benelux business worlds for over twenty years. Our activities focus on actively supporting enterprises that wish to build or further expand business relations with Italy or the Benelux. Link2Italy ‘s approach is personal and tailor-made, focuses on understanding your business and acting as a long-term business partner.




I come from a challenging working environment, full of energy and willingness to excel, where superficiality and narrow mindedness are not accepted. Experience has tought me to fix clear and final objectives, and despite the fact that an initial assumed course might need variations along the way, to pursue them with maximum commitment and dedication.

OPUS originates from one great passion; to pursue and obtain always the highest possible quality in everything we do. Enhancing the human element to the maximum while doing so and knowing to have given the maximum while reaching the objective; creating value. The present economic crisis, by now the footprint for our new actuality, is a testcase for everyone, OPUS included; those not able to create value will not survive.

Bastiaan Servaas Wind founder/CEO



Moscarda Consulting is a business and technology consulting firm for companies (startups and mature companies) in the fields of renewable energy, Iot and smart cities and building energy efficiency.

During 2018 we: – Supported the development of its market strategy, performed competition analysis for a start-up in the field of residential energy flexibility and demand response. – Connected the company above to relevant European partners achieving the participation of two H2020 project consortia which resulted in funding. – Closed the first paying customer deal. – Designed and facilitated a workshops in renewable energy and the role of electrical energy storage in built environment.





Experienced Sales Marketing Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the publishing industry. Skilled in: Communication, Client Acquisition, Advertising, Negotiation, Marketing Strategy, Networking, Events organisation.

In 2020 I decided to work independently, combining my passion for Italians Brands with my knowledge and experience in international marketing and sales, and to create Paola Lara Brand Ambassadors. This way I can use my network and connect people and companies.
The mission of my company is to facilitate Italian companies to enter the Dutch market and to guide Dutch companies into the Italian market.
Among others I provide the following services:
  • Representing brands and its products in order to increase brand awareness and sales;
  • Media planning and buying;
  • Consulting;
  • Advising clients on local regulations (in order of obtain permits);
  • Creating co-marketing and co-branding partnerships;
  • Connecting people;
  • Generating brand awareness through various channels;
  • Assisting in content creation and translation.




Serinta S.r.l., addressing the protagonists of the economic relations, offers its experience and professionalism by placing itself on the market with innovative personalized strategies, based on a direct relationship with the Client, in order to integrate and conform to his/her needs. Thanks to the established Project Team, the Company is therefore able to assist its Clients in every phase of the business activity: from the start-up phase, to the management process, to the expansion and enhancement of the business activity also in a context of internationalization. Relying on specific professional skills, Serinta S.r.l. can respond to the increasingly growing and diverse business needs, offering a global and integrated Business Consulting service, capable of supporting the entrepreneur in managing and organizing his/her own business at 360 degrees.





Het is een geruststellende gedachte wanneer u goed voorbereid op zakenreis gaat; u kunt zich volledig concentreren op uw meeting. Datzelfde zou moeten gelden voor de beveiliging van uw zakelijke omgeving. Aan de veiligheidsaspecten in de zakelijke omgeving wordt vaak weinig aandacht geschonken. Het is menselijk om de ‘mogelijke’ problemen niet onder ogen te willen zien of te laten komen. Maar dat neemt het eventueel aanwezige risico niet weg. SFS – Security Facility Services is zich daar terdege van bewust en zorgt ervoor dat u goed voorbereid bent om potentiele risico’s te voorkomen. De impact van een probleem is vaak groter wanneer daar geen rekening mee gehouden is. Wij streven ernaar om uw dagelijks leefomstandigheden zo prettig mogelijk te maken door onzekerheden over mogelijke veiligheidsrisico’s weg te nemen.



Vicini Marketing & Media develops, manages and operates media, marketing and sales projects and is specialized in, among other things, Italy. Vicini supports Italian companies, importers of Italian products, travel agencies or cities/regions with:

  • PR and media campaigns. Introductions, press events, press releases, interviews, media planning.
  • Social media strategy and management, influencer marketing (including production content)
  • Development and management of Dutch websites.
  • B-to-B marketing.


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E-bag is a multimedia company specialized in digital installations and innovative services such as holograms, augmented reality, virtual reality, video mapping, APPS, movies, commercials and edutainment. The company was founded in 2003 and since that time it’s been always growing up in terms of incomes and clients. It is based in Italy with three offices in Milano, Bologna and Rome and a research center in the South of Italy.

In the last years E-bag became one of the most important Italian top players in B2B multimedia installations and storytelling with over 200 clients and installations all over the world. E-bag provides ready made projects contents inclusive.

E-bag with its professionals is ready for historical, artistic and scientific content writing and reconstructions installed in museums, parks, airports, stations, city halls, hospitals and schools enhancing artists like Bernini, Leonardo Da Vinci, Brueghel, Rembrandt, Vermeer, Voet, historical characters like Henry VIII, Caesar August, Louis XIV, Casanova and scientists like Newton, Voltaire and Fermi.


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Born in 1966 from the dream of an artisan from Trieste, Bazzara Espresso is a well-known artisan roasters exporting coffee made-in-Italy in over 28 countries.

For three generations this beverage has been defining the lives of the Bazzara family which doesn’t only produce coffee for the Ho.Re.Ca channels and the coffee lovers, but has put at the core of its business the Italian coffee culture through the Bazzara Academy, the first coffee academy certified by SCA in Italy, a book collection composed by 5 volumes regarding the coffee world, and a industry event called Trieste Coffee Experts bringing to Trieste some of the most important experts of the field.

The coffee commercialized by Bazzara Espresso is roasted using the traditional artisan method of slow roasting, calibrated to each origin and roasted in small batches to guarantee a high quality product. The wide range of products it’s not limited to coffee blends, but it extends to organic, pure origin and decaffeinated coffees, capsules and pods.

Awarded for its activity in support of sustainability, in 2021 the company became a Benefit Corporation, which is a kind of organization that aims to have a positive impact on the people and planet, in addition to the profit. In 2021 the company was included by Forbes Italia among the “100 Italian Excellences” list of the food and beverage panorama and it was mentioned by National Geographic and The Guardian in their article over Trieste city of coffee.






We offer high-quality, authentic Italian food and service standard. Our tradition is famous all over the world as one of the most refined and taste-centric approaches to dining, with exceptional attention to aesthetics and food presentation.

We strive to create events that please the eye as well as the palate. This is highly documented on our website and our Instagram pages, where you can see some of our best catering presentations.

To ensure each and every event is produced to an exceptional standard, we have involved top Italian chefs to create traditional and contemporary dishes. All our services can be provided directly on-site at your event, thereby guaranteeing the taste and freshness of the Italian flavours.

Our staff have many years of experience in organizing events, therefore we are able to provide a complete and bespoke service: from organizing your event at your private home to sourcing the location to host your exclusive and prestigious event



Wij zijn CIRFOOD: echte foodies die hun passie met zoveel mogelijk mensen willen delen. Wij vinden dat iedereen recht heeft op goed eten en drinken voor een redelijke prijs. Geen fast food, maar good food! Wij maken van eten en drinken een belevenis en creëren meerwaarde voor scholen, universiteiten, bedrijven of organisaties.



I transform the passions of my clients into unique experiences between cooking, wine and selected ingredients.




Friulgust is a distributor for the Dutch market for authentic wines from Friuli Venezia Giulia



De WijnEngel – Wijnkoperij – importeur van gastronomische wijnen
Voor horeca en handel.Altijd op zoek.
Naar die ene producent die wijn maakt die iets toevoegt. Een wijnmaker die op een manier werkt die bij ons past. Met respect voor de natuur. Voor het land. En alles wat daar leeft.
Altijd op zoek dus.
Naar die wijn met de beste prijs en kwaliteit.




Commercialization, support, consultancy for the introduction of Italian food products with a particular focus on those produced in the Dolomitic area on foreign markets. It is a young and dynamic entity that can support in the selection of suppliers for Italian products (Italian Food & Beverage products with a focus on the Dolomitic area) and that can help Italian companies to face European markets (with an eye to Northern Europe).

Foods and beverages from Italy are the focus at DiGusti, founded in 2010 by Ingmar Berkhout. The driving force from the beginning was his great passion for food. He began with 20 products and today DiGusti is one of the largest wholesalers in the Netherlands, with more than 200 products from small manufacturers in Italy. The company helps small farmers to sell their local products abroad. The quality and purity of the products are very important when it comes to compiling the product line. The online shop is a true ABC of Italian delicacies – from antipasti and olive oil to pasta sauces and tapenades, as well as ‘zoete lekkernijen’ for those with a sweet tooth. They all have a tale to tell about how Italian food has traditionally been enjoyed. The spirits (Limoncello, Mandarinello and Limonciòccolat) are produced in a small village on the Amalfi Coast. Behind it all is Gennaro Pappallardo, who inherited his passion for lemons from his father, but decided to take it in a different direction – on a Limoncello mission, so-to-speak, to launch an authentic product from the Amalfi Coast around the world. At the World Spirits Award, there was double gold for Limoncello (Spirit of the Year & World Spirits Award), gold for Mandarinello, and silver for Limonciòccolat.



De Siciliaanse cuisine is fameus als de verfijndste en meest authentieke van Italië. Het befaamdste gerecht van het land is tijdens de bezetting door de Arabieren op Sicilië ontstaan: pasta.

Ook nu zorgt het Mediterrane klimaat het hele jaar voor granen, groenten, kruiden, olijfolie, fruit, noten, kaas en vis. Sinds de Griekse oudheid wordt er onder andere op de flanken van de vuurspuwende berg Etna wijn verbouwd, naar volume een van de belangrijkste wijnstreken van Italië.

Deze culinaire rijkdom, gekoppeld aan mijn enorme voorliefde voor het eiland, zorgde ervoor dat ik alles over Sicilië en vooral zijn eet- en drankcultuur wilde weten.

Deze passie leidde ertoe dat ik alleen het beste van culinair Sicilië bijeen wilde brengen, en zie hier: Il Mandorlo.






“Mens Sana in corpore Sano.  – A healthy mind in a healthy body”.

This oft-used Latin phrase (from Juvenal’s chapter SATIRE) tells us that it is necessary to have a healthy mind, without neglecting the body, and to take care of it with a healthy and complete diet.

The choice of Apulian products is a project born out of love for good things that taste like home. I strongly believe in the roots of my region and I would like to present them in a new way, by listening to and respecting nature.

Keeping these roots alive means preserving agri-food traditions, through a dedication to tradition, resulting in healthy, chemical-free, minimally processed and truly nutritious food products.

You will be transported on a psycho-sensory journey: just as for a newborn child, the discovery of the world around them takes place through the five senses, so it is for an adult person who wants to rediscover a positive outlook on life and a tranquillity of certain forgotten sensory experiences, this journey can help them to feel good about their mind and body thanks to an excellent and good diet.



Mama’s Ravioli – Artisan Pastificio – with Chef Terenzio Ignoni started many generations ago with our families in Tuscany and Apulia. We married those two backgrounds and we propose to you some of the best rich and tasteful dishes from Tuscany and healthy, delightful dishes from Apulia, following the original recipes from our ancestors.

We only use fresh products from the local market and some of the finest ingredients from Italy to make our pasta which is designed for HORECA, delicates shops and end- costumers.In our journey we also specialized our self in the vegan scene and we are proud of our Vegan Fresh Pasta, a truly unique delicates.

As a chef who has worked in many fine dining restaurants I know what the HORECA’ s needs and the costumer’ s needs. With this experience we can offer the perfect product for each client. We are also specialized as a personal chef who is very passionate about nutrition, which is why I can guarantee you that I will always shop for the best ingredients and build a complete menu. I do all of the grocery shopping for the meals I prepare for my clients. I will make your dream private dinner come true.



Importeur van ambachtelijke Italiaanse chocolade, zoetwaren en delicatessen Italië is hét land voor de zintuigen

De smaak van het eten en drinken, de prachtige landschappen en de mediterrane klanken voeren je mee en doen je één ding beseffen: Italië is een land om verliefd op te worden. Italianen weten hoe ze moeten genieten. Traditionele recepten geven de producten hun karakteristieke Italiaanse smaak. Dit geldt bij uitstek ook voor hun chocolade, zoetwaren & delicatessen.

Mijn naam is Marica Anker en ook ik werd verliefd op dit prachtige land en haar smaken. Het is mijn passie geworden om zoveel mogelijk mensen Italië te laten proeven. Zo ontstond MariCase



Massa Imports BV wants to provide you with the most authentic Italian food experience possible. We are a small business importing traditional products from the South Italian Amlafic coast- Campania region. Our suppliers emphasize quality and authenticity and are still producing their products in a way they have been doing it since genrations. From special wine over unesco world heritage certified pasta to liquors and delicious extra vergin olive oil and much more. Massa Imports BV doesn’t only bring Italian food to you, but a whole Italian experience. Interested? Visit our website  



Importer and distributor high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Training, Olive Oil Tasting and Consulting service for Horeca and Retail professionals



NOVITALIA is a main Italian food supplier in The Netherlands.

Our passioned team delivers six days a week horeca, delicatesse and catering companies all over the country. Our company distributes more than 40 Italian food brands and 2.000 products on exclusive base.

The new 1.200m2  Foodstore is the Italian heaven in Amsterdam. Since the new ownership of Arnoud Zuijdendorp in 2021 the company invests in assortment and customer service. The team has the dream and the plan to bring the Italian food to the Dutch kitchen!




L’attività di cui siamo titolari e` in essere da circa vent’anni, durante i quali e` stata sempre gestita da persone provenienti dalla Sardegna.

Il core business e` improntato sulla cucina tradizionale sarda (e Italiana), mentre il negozio e` focalizzato soprattutto sull’importazione diretta di prodotti tradizionali sardi, quali vini, formaggi, salumi, dolci secchi etc.

Il nostro obiettivo e` quello di promuovere la tradizione gastronomica sarda cercando di garantire il più possibile la genuinità dei prodotti offerti.

L’ostacolo più grande e` dato dalla quasi totale mancanza di conoscenza da parte dei clienti della cucina e degli alimenti prodotti in Sardegna. Purtroppo rispetto ad altre regioni italiane la Sardegna a livello gastronomico stenta a farsi conoscere.

Questo ci ha portato a inserire nel nostro menù molti piatti tipici della cucina sarda ( culurgiones, fregola, malloreddus, spaghetti alla bottarga etc) che stanno avendo un buon riscontro da parte dei nostri clienti, ciò ci sta dando l’opportunità di reclamizzare i prodotti sardi in vendita nel nostro negozio.

Essendo noi innamorati della nostra isola avremmo grandissimo piacere nel vederla crescere su tutti i fronti, perché siamo consapevoli di avere tutte le carte in regola per poter essere un’eccellenza a livello mondiale.



De overkoepelende organisatie van Parmaham producenten die zich bezig houdt met de bescherming, het beheer en de internationale marketingactiviteiten van het product en merk Parmaham oftewel Prosciutto di Parma.



Tiktak/Segafredo Coffee Roastery, a division of the Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group located in Groningen, is your all-in supplier for hot beverage solutions, including coffee, tea, a comprehensive range of complementary products, and a complete selection of equipment from A to Z





Anyone who wants to visit an “Italian” store after a stay in Italy in the Netherlands should definitely visit our family business. Our two spaces are crammed to the ceiling with goodies. The most attractive pastas, sauces, truffles, oils, are supplanted by the windows. In apparent disorder, “La Madre” advises a customer about the organic wines, about the special quality of her organic olive oils, the pastas and about wine-food combinations. So, a visit to us is also a social event. A romanticized image? Possible. Come and find out. You can also enjoy a nice sandwich and coffee in our store in Vlaardingen. FYI: We supply both individuals and restaurants. We make Italian presents with the products in stores (Christmas/Birthday’s/Party’s)




Proef de Unieke Wijnen en Olijfolie uit Italie. Directe import vanaf de producent
Taste the Unique Wines and Olive Oil from Italy. Direct import from the producer



Company Short Description



SMEG is an Italian home appliance manufacturer based in Guastalla, near Reggio Emilia in the north of the country.

Colour, design and technology. SMEG has designed innovative household appliances for all everyday environments since 1948.

These days the ability to combine functional performance levels with superior energy efficiency is a must, a challenge that runs parallel with styling research that SMEG’s advanced in-house design centre carries forward while relying on the partnership of world-famous architects and designers such as Guido Canali, Mario Bellini, Studio Piano Design, Marc Newson, Giancarlo Candeago, Matteo Bazzicalupo and Raffaella Mangiarotti from deepdesign. Being able to team technology with style has made it possible to create products which have become genuine icons over time.

Vision, intuition, international reach: owing to a business culture that places the utmost attention on quality, on technological contents with an extreme focus on energy savings, the SMEG Group is recognised on an international scale as a mastermind of excellence Made in Italy.



Zero-Z design importeert al bijna vijfentwintig jaar de producten van een aantal gerenommeerde Italiaanse fabrikanten.

Het hoogwaardige productenpakket wordt met name via projectinrichters, woninginrichters en geschenkenwinkels gedistribueerd.

Voor alle programma’s vormt design een belangrijk aspect. Hiermee hebben de desbetreffende fabrikanten in de loop der jaren, zowel nationaal als internationaal, een uitstekende reputatie verworven.




Company Short Description



Authentic Italian Cuisine The menu offered at al Bàcaro is inspired by the tradition of Italian cuisine, in which the essence of the dish is the main ingredient. The use of few but refined ingredients brings out the original flavors to the fullest, without the need of adding distracting elements to the flavor of the main ingredients chosen.

The tradition of the authentic Italian Osteria (tavern) is based on a delicate and refined “cuisine”, light and balanced, however a subdued ambition to impress by modern combinations of ingredients and flavors.

Our focal point is to create an Italian Osteria, based on the solid principals of real taste and quality of the chosen ingredients served in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. With full respect for nature, we follow the rhythm of the seasons by using animal or vegetable products according to the season and we will always keep in mind their natural cycle and life span.



Benvenuti in Ristorante – Pizzaria Casa Italia, waar u onze liefde voor de traditionele Italiaanse keuken kunt proeven.

De keuken van Italië bestaat uit meer dan alleen pizza’s en pasta’s en wordt niet voor niets geroemd over de hele wereld. Laat u verleiden door een keur aan typisch regionale Italiaanse gerechten, die met zorg zijn samengesteld uit ingrediënten van topkwaliteit.

Tevens bieden wij u een keuze aan uit originele Italiaanse wijnen.



Experience the classic Italian gastronomy at Roberto’s*. A perfect harmony between interior and authentic Italian cuisine.

The modern-classic interior reflects the atmosphere and ambience of the elegant 50s and 60s in Italy.

The à la carte menu is inspired by the original recipes from the book ‘Pure Italian Cuisine’ by Robert Payer, who created a modern signature by basing the dishes on the seasons.





When you come to Eatmosfera, you are not “eating out” in the formal sense. Rather, you are treated like a friend of ours: someone we know, and someone we love having as our guest.

At Eatmosfera, the smells and tastes are the same as in our mamas’ and grandmas’ kitchens, and eating in our restaurant is like having a meal at the family table.

Every dish is cooked à la minute, with fresh and controlled origin ingredients. All our food is homemade, and that’s exactly what we do at Eatmosfera: make you feel at home.



het idee voor frizzanteria is ontstaan toen we een relatief onbekend wijngebied ontdekten in italië. bij tenuta la ratta, een prachtige wijngaard in de regio emilia, maken ze 12 bruisende wijnen van hoge kwaliteit, van rood tot wit en van droog tot zoet. we kwamen, we zagen, we kregen…
ons momento brillante!
bij frizzanteria combineren we onze italiaanse bubbels met stuzzicando, antipasti die je samen deelt, en seizoensgebonden primi e secondi.
wij onderscheiden ons door onze oude italiaanse familierecepten met een moderne twist, behouden wat goed is en toevoegen wat het lekkerder maakt.graag verwelkomen we je in onze frizzanteria waar je kunt genieten van…
jouw momento brillante!



Aan de voet van de kerk, midden in het centrum van Oud Rijswijk, vinbd u Italiaanse gastvrijheid in retaurant Gran Sasso.

Sinds 1993 kunt u bij ons terecht voor heerlijke gerechten en vijnen.



Mensen met een passie voor Italië kunnen hier hun hart ophalen. Het concept van Tonino bestaat al sinds 1991 en wordt nog steeds verbeterd waar dat mogelijk is.

Zo is vorige zomer het terras vernieuwd om heerlijk buiten te kunnen tafelen, met terrasverwarming voor het mindere zomerweer.



Italië is dichterbij dan u denkt. Italiaans restaurant Bacco Perbacco in Den Haag is daar een mooi voorbeeld van. Alles wat we hier hebben, is Italiaans, tot aan de glazen toe.

Onze zuidelijke gastvrijheid staat borg voor een warm welkom en een maaltijd die u nooit zult vergeten. Wij hebben geen menukaart maar wij bieden u graag gerechten aan die wij die avond met uitsluitend verse ingrediënten voor u bereiden .

Wij proberen daarbij zo veel mogelijk rekening te houden met uw wensen.




Welkom bij Il Gattopardo op Katendrecht, waar wij u willen verrassen met onze klassieke gerechten met moderne twist.

Onze keuken is Mediterraan met als basis Italiaans/Siciliaans. Reserveer nu snel een tafel en we verwelkomen u graag bij ons op de Kaap.






Siamo un azienda a conduzione famigliare e siamo in attivita’ dal 1967. Il ristorante é situato in parte in uno stabile in cui vi era un bar del villaggio. Circa 27 anni fa vi si é aggiunto un altro stabiale adiaciente formando un tuttuno che ad oggi conta circa 100 posti.

Alessandro Uva di terza generazione, primo genito di Mario, ha ereditato l’incarico di portare avanti l’azienda che soddisfa settimanalmente una media di 400 clienti.

Tutte le ricette sono rigorosamente create con spirito e saggezza che rispecchiano la nostra cultura culinaria italiana. Furonoi nonni Donna Rita e Don Raffaele a dare un forte slancio al ristorante nei primi anni di attivita’.

Parliamo La nostra lingua ai clienti olandesi che amano l’Italia profondamente. Abbiamo 5 Camere e possiamo ospitare un massimo di 12 persone. La Nostra missione é soddisfare il cliente dando un assaggio di ospitalita’ Italiana.



Massimago è un’azienda tutta in rosa, con a capo Camilla Rossi Chauvenet che ha messo la propria impronta dal 2003, creando le premesse per una vera e propria straordinaria rinascita qualitativa.

L’azienda sorge a Mezzane, in una zona della Valpolicella un po’ più selvaggia rispetto ad altre, incastonata nell’omonima vallata, capace di creare un microclima ideale per la coltivazione della vite.

Dalla seconda metà dell’Ottocento questa interessante realtà produttiva appartiene alla famiglia Cracco, custode delle tradizioni locali, oggi declinate in maniera innovativa grazie alla spinta di Camilla, vera self made woman che con grinta ed entusiasmo ha creduto nelle potenzialità di questo straordinario territorio, capace di produrre Amaroni di rara eleganza.




Masseria Cuturi è una proprietà di circa 300 ettari posizionata nella zona del comune di Manduria (Taranto) nel cuore del Salento. Ad oggi 30 ettari dedicati alla produzione di varietà autoctone di uve tra cui: Primitivo, Negroamaro, Aglianico e Minutolo.

Attorno ad essi c’è una straordinaria varietà di olivi secolari e un bosco (Li Cuturi) che rappresenta una meravigliosa varietà mediterranea.

L’antica masseria salentina si trova nel cuore della tenuta, ed è una struttura costruita tra il 1700 e il 1800, e comprende alcuni resti archeologici di notevole interesse.



Misschien een leuk idee om bij ons te dineren voor een gezelschap met collega’s, vrienden of familie. Voor gezelschappen hebben wij de serre waar ongeveer 28 mensen kunnen plaatsnemen, in overleg kunnen wij u een mooi 3 gangen menu serveren



Sinds sestien jaar weet Pianeta Terra overheerlijke natuurlijke en biologische ingrediënten te combineren met een vernieuwende Italiaanse keuken, wat een zeer bijzondere eetervaring oplevert. En nu zet Pianeta Terra opnieuw een stap in de richting van een eetervaring die wordt gekenmerkt door pure versheid.



Momenti Italian food & wine by Primo Piano in het centrum van vestingstad Brielle brengt de concepten restaurant en wine bar samen. Chef Mariella Barbirotta en sommelier Antonino Ballarino sluiten het tijdperk Primo Piano na 5 mooie jaren af en zetten hun lang gekoesterde droom voort met een moderne kijk op ‘la bella vita’ in het gloednieuwe Momenti food & wine. De combinatie van nieuw en oud is niet alleen te vinden in de gerechten op het seizoensgebonden menu, maar ook in de mogelijkheid voor ‘il momento vino’ met hapjes of voor de fijnproevers Nino’s wine in de vorm van een wijn en spijs avond. Momenti Italian food & wine terecht voor goede koffie met ambachtelijk gebak, hapjes met een heerlijk glas wijn, lunch of diner. De Italiaanse gerechten worden met liefde voor het product bereid en de met zorg uitgekozen wijnen maken uw bezoek tot een fantastische ervaring.



Trattoria Buoni Amici staat bekend als “de Italiaan zonder pizza’s” in het centrum van Hoofddorp. Wij staan voor de verfijnde, traditionele Italiaanse keuken van nu, met natuurlijk de daarbij behorende gastvrijheid. Onze chefs (uit Vico Equense, Napels en Garfagnana, Toscane en Ostia, Rome) laten u genieten van de authentieke bereidingswijze van onze gerechten. Ervaar dat u bij ons niet te gast bent maar er gewoon bij hoort.




Wij gebruiken alleen verse producten met respect voor de seizoenen, herkomst en absolute kwaliteit, de principes van Euro-Toques.Het menu varieert van zee met dagvangst, maar ook kweekvis – onze zeeën beschermend voor de toekomst – tot diverse alternatieven van de aarde, met groot respect voor regionale accenten. Wij stellen u onze culinaire creaties voor, gebaseerd op klassieke recepten, met het gebruik van “prodotti tipici” (D.O.P. en I.G.P.) in een moderne versie, presenterend “da capo” Grandi Piatti della Cucina Italiana.




Bij Segugio vertrouwen we op de Italiaanse culinair e traditie en creëren een evolutie van typische regionale gerechten waarbij de eerlijke simpele smaken van de italiaanse keuken voorop staan. Onderzoek doen naar de ingrediënten is het hart van onze fylosofie. Onze sterke kant is dat alles met de hand in eigen keuken wordt bereid. Van de gevarieerde pasta’s, het brood en ijs tot aan de koffie pastries en chocolaatjes aan toe. Onze wijnkaart met Italiaanse wijnen uit alle regionen vertegenwoordigd de bekende wijnhuizen en de kleine boertjes. U vindt Segugio in een karakteristiek pand aan de Utrechtsestraat. Het interieur met open keuken is licht, subtiel en puur. Met de tafels op ruime afstand van elkaar kunt u genieten van uw privacy en het eten.



Restaurant Quattro Gatti has no dress code but smart dressing is appreciated.

Children are welcome: however, please note that we do not provide children’ s menu or facilities. Children will dine from our A la carte menu.

We serve  only fine quality dishes and no pizza .

we are not a conventional restaurant our times are very flexible , sometimes we open or close earlier or later . Sometimes we are busy with other projects and sometimes we open on days we are usually closed .We are also open for private dinners and we organize themed suppers.



Bij de Raimondi’s kunt u genieten van pure Italiaanse gerechten op een buitengewoon sfeervolle locatie in Leidschendam. De gerechten worden vers bereid met de beste ingrediënten van het moment. Veelal zijn dit producten uit Calabrie de streek waar de Raimondi’s zijn opgegroeid.Met haar unieke ligging in Park Rozenrust en uitkijkend over de Vliet is het restaurant de plek om in rust te genieten van de heerlijkste Italiaanse gerechten. Met liefde voor het vak en Italiaanse passie bereiden wij de lekkerste vlees- en visgerechten voor u. U hoeft bij de Raimondi’s niet te kiezen. Een feestelijke optocht van vele Italiaanse heerlijkheden trekt aan u voorbij. Wel zijn er menusuggesties, afhankelijk van tijd en trek. Zo kunt u door de weeks kiezen voor bijvoorbeeld het antipastimenu of een heerlijke verse pasta. Alle combi’s van het menu van de chef zijn mogelijk, afhankelijk van tijd en trek. Restaurant Villa Rozenrust is dagelijks geopend vanaf 17:30. Op maandag is het restaurant gesloten.


Company Short Description



Bike Facilities is a leading company specializing in the production and distribution of maintenance and recharging columns, racks, and other bicycle accessories. Based in Torbole sul Garda in Trentino, the company was founded by Fabio Toccoli, leveraging his extensive experience in hospitality and a passion for cycling. Beginning as a “bike-friendly” hotelier, Fabio equipped his hotel with bicycle facilities and expanded to become a national distributor for hotels, businesses, and public institutions.

Operating primarily in Italy, Bike Facilities is poised for international expansion, targeting countries like Germany, Austria, and Switzerland known for their bike-friendly infrastructure. Their products align with a “green” philosophy, promoting slow and green mobility for daily commutes, sports, and tourism. Their columns and racks support electric bike recharging, minor maintenance, and secure parking, encouraging car-free travel in urban areas and scenic routes.

Recently, Bike Facilities unveiled new standalone rack models with solar-powered e-bike recharging at the Rimini fair ECOMONDO – KEY ENERGY, reducing reliance on grid electricity. They are also developing products for scooters and additional accessories for their columns, catering to diverse customer needs.

Their clientele includes major names such as Decathlon, Fastweb, Alperia, Ikea, and several universities and municipalities in Italy. Noteworthy additions to their customer base include various municipalities in Trentino and the Lake Garda area, demonstrating their expanding influence in sustainable urban and recreational infrastructure.

In essence, Bike Facilities embodies a commitment to sustainable transportation solutions, catering to a wide range of customers from commercial enterprises to public institutions, contributing positively to environmental conservation and promoting healthier, traffic-reduced urban environments.


V2C B.V.



X24 offers you the opportunity to lease or purchase laundry, kitchen and cleaning machines. Which of these options is most interesting depends on your situation. If you opt for leasing, you do not have to worry about the maintenance of the machines.

Over the years, we have specialized in supplying laundry, kitchen and cleaning machines to parties within various industries. Our machines can be found in hotels, catering establishments and laundries, among others. Dry cleaners and parties active in the textile care sector also opt for TX24‘s high-quality appliances.





Founded in 2012 by Eric van Kimmenade who is the founder/owner/CEO, 2Recycle is specialised in recycling of electronics and ferro/non-ferro metals. Circular sustainability is of high priority to 2recycle. Our main activities are:

  • International collection, sorting and processing of telecom equipment worldwide for telecom providers
  • International collection, sorting and processing of IT equipment (bulk)
  • International collection and processing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals such as iron, aluminum, copper, zinc and precious metals
  • Take care of total waste management solutions (collection, sorting, processing and reporting) for different kinds of larger suppliers/clients, in different branches.






Company Short Description



Arkadia Translations has been providing translation and interpreting services in all the world’s languages since 1999. We work alongside businesses, institutions, law and accounting firms, notaries public, banks, financial and insurance companies. In 2015 Arkadia opened a branch in Brussels, the beating heart of Europe, where it serves EU institutions and international clients. Arkadia leads the way by specialising in a number of sectors:

  • law
  • finance and financial statements
  • insurance
  • business
  • communication and marketing




GLOBOSTUDIO has had more than 30 years’ experience in providing specialised consulting for multilingual translations, offering translation and interpreting services to companies and individuals, while ensuring complete confidentiality. We translate legal, commercial, technical, medical and cultural docu­ments, according to customer requirement



MONDODELIA LINKEDIN Beëdigde tolk Italiaans-Nederlands en Vertaler. Ik werk sinds enkele jaren met de rechtbank en ik heb verschillende projecten met de Politie. Docent Italiaans voor buitenlanders: privé of groepscursussen. Brede ervaring. Gedreven, brede interesse, representatief, goede sociale vaardigheden en betrouwbaar. Actief in de Italiaanse gemeenschap in Nederland.Interprete giurata e traduttrice Italiano- Olandese. Esperienza di lavoro per il Tribunale e la Polizia Olandese con cui collaboro per diversi progetti. Insegnante di Italiano per stranieri per corsi individuali o di gruppo. Esperienze decennale nell’insegnamento. Entusiasta, rappresentativa, affidabile, ampio spettro di interessi. Attivamente presente nella comunità di Italiani in Olanda.Sworn interpreter Italian-Dutch en translator. Work experience for the Court and the Dutch Police during several projects. Teacher of Italian for foreigners; individual or group courses. Large experience in teaching. Enthusiastic, representative, reliable, with a wide range of interests. Active partecipant of the Italian community in Holland.




Company Short Description



Acqua di Bolgheri is conceived and processed from start to finish by the Italian Taffi family, who value quality and carefully do their work with great passion. They strongly believe in adhering to their philosophy, the starting point is that the quality of the product is paramount.

There is no saving on ingredients and vegan and organic ingredients are used.

Expensive marketing strategies do not set the course. The price is very good for a high-quality product that is conceived with a lot of love and care.

We are very proud that we can further propagate the passion of the Taffi family in the Netherlands and Belgium .



Bulgari International Corporation (BIC) NV is a company incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands, with registered address in Strawinskylaan 1217, 1077 XX Amsterdam. It is entirely owned by Bulgari S.p.A., the parent company of the Bulgari Group (the Bulgari Group) and owner of the “BULGARI” brand name, one of the most prestigious brands in the global luxury goods market of jewellery, watches, accessories, fragrances, with an unrivalled network of boutiques and hotels in the world’s most exclusive shopping areas.

Part of the LVMH Group, the Bulgari Group started in Rome in 1884 as a jewelry shop and quickly established a reputation for Italian excellence with exquisite craftsmanship and magnificent jewelry creations.

The Group’s international success has evolved into a global and diversified luxury purveyor of products and services.

As at 31 December, 2017, the Bulgari Group included 44 subsidiaries, out of which 36 are commercial companies managing (the majority of them since decades) retail stores in the relevant territories.


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Italiaans leren in het weekend Wilt u Italiaans leren of uw taalvaardigheid in het Italiaans verbeteren? Dat kan bij Regina Coeli ook in het weekend! Net als op werkdagen volgt u in het weekend een persoonlijk lesprogramma boordevol privélessen van taaltrainers Italiaans. Afhankelijk van uw leerdoelen kunt u een langer taaltraject samenstellen, gecombineerd met een aantal lesdagen doordeweek of meerdere weekenden. Een weekend naar ´de Nonnen´ Het lesprogramma in het weekend lijkt sterk op dat van de trainingen die Regina Coeli op werkdagen aanbiedt:

  • Cursisten volgen een persoonlijk lesprogramma dat is afgestemd op de leerdoelen
  • Privélessen, multimediaoefeningen en zelfstudie wisselen elkaar af
  • De lessen worden verzorgd door native speakers

De setting van een weekendtraining is anders dan die op werkdagen. Doordat er minder cursisten zijn, heerst er nog meer rust in het instituut. Daarnaast zijn er relatief meer mogelijkheden binnen het lesprogramma om de taal informeel te spreken. Zo dineren cursisten zowel op vrijdag- als op zaterdagavond met een taaltrainer en spreken ze het hele diner Italiaans. Meer focus in het weekend Uit de ervaringen met de weekendtrainingen Engels en Nederlands blijkt dat cursisten zich in het weekend beter kunnen concentreren op het leren van een taal, omdat er dan minder afleiding is van het werk. Cursisten boeken dan ook goede resultaten in het weekend, ook al hebben ze voorafgaand aan de training een volledige week gewerkt. Training op maat De taaltrainingen Italiaans die Regina Coeli verzorgt, zijn volledig op maat samengesteld. Op basis van het niveau, het doel en de wensen creëren de taaltrainers een programma dat kan bestaan uit diverse lesdagen. Een training Italiaans in het weekend kan apart geboekt worden, maar kan ook onderdeel zijn van een uitgebreidere training met meerdere lesmomenten. De taaltrainers adviseren u daar graag over. Wilt u meer informatie over de trainingen Italiaans van Regina Coeli, bezoek dan de website of neem direct contact op via of 073-6848790.



Lingodrops is a language training team that caters to anyone and everyone who wants to learn Italian or English. Lingodrops’ experienced language coaches offer top-notch language courses in a variety of formats tailored to your needs, including online courses, one-on-one lessons, and group classes. Lingodrops’ founder, Tanya Nur, speaks eight languages herself and has many years of experience teaching learners of various age groups and skill levels.

Tanya’s passion for languages led her to establish Lingodrops with the aim of helping learners from all over the world communicate wherever they are – or would like to be.

We ensure that our learners receive individualised attention and support throughout their language learning adventure. Think of us as a luxury train journey: we want to get you there – but also to enjoy the ride!



De diensten van Rent The Italian (“de eenvrouwzaak”) kunnen als volgt worden omschreven: Management ondersteuning waarbij een brede expertise aanwezig is op het gebied van de Italiaanse taal, cultuur en het zakendoen met Italianen. In Nederland wordt anders zaken gedaan dan in Italië. Naast de taalverschillen zijn er ook nog grote cultuurverschillen. Dit alles combineer ik met mijn expertise op het gebied van vertalen en tolken zodat ik inzetbaar ben bij fusies, overnames en integratie van bedrijven en business units. Doordat ik snel linkjes kan leggen met daarbij een goede intuïtie, kan snel worden geschakeld.


Company Short Description


Who we are

Leasys Nederland, a distinguished member of the Stellantis Group with roots embedded in Italian heritage, is a leading entity within the automotive leasing landscape. As an extension of Leasys Italy, we embody a legacy of trust, authority, experience, solidity, and reliability. Our affiliation with the Stellantis Group, a powerhouse in the automotive sector, underscores our commitment to excellence and industry leadership.

What we do

Founded on the principles of integrity and customer-centricity, Leasys Nederland stands as a beacon of trust in automotive leasing. With a rich background in the Stellantis Group’s Italian legacy, we bring forth a wealth of experience to our Dutch operations. Our unwavering dedication to providing reliable and solid leasing solutions sets us apart as a trustworthy partner in the automotive landscape.

How we do it

At Leasys Nederland, our mission transcends transactional business. We are committed to delivering an unparalleled leasing experience, marked by reliability and professionalism. Our roots in the esteemed Stellantis Group, coupled with the expertise of Leasys Italy, position us as a stalwart in the industry, embodying the essence of trust, authority, and dependability. Explore the world of automotive leasing with confidence, as Leasys Nederland stands poised to redefine your expectations.


Company Short Description




n/p notarial partners is a full service notary firm. Our corporate law team can assist you in a variety of corporate legal matters. We advise on, and assist with, the establishment of legal entities (private companies, public companies, co-operatives, foundations and associations) and businesses without legal personality (partnerships). We also assist in matters such as share issues, takeovers, mergers and split-ups, reorganisations and restructuring. We are furthermore your first point of contact if you need advice on issues such as business succession, acquisition and transfer of real estate, estate planning, corporate governance and limitation of executive liability.

We are entrepreneurs, just like you. We know what drives you. We are straightforward, accessible, client-oriented and professional. We speak plain language, both about our services and about the fees we charge. You know where you stand with us.

n/p notarial partners è uno studio notarile completo. Il nostro team di diritto societario è in grado di assistervi in una serie di questioni legali aziendali. Forniamo consulenza e assistenza per la costituzione di persone giuridiche (società private, società pubbliche, cooperative, fondazioni e associazioni) e di imprese senza personalità giuridica (società di persone). Assistiamo inoltre in questioni quali emissioni di azioni, acquisizioni, fusioni e scissioni, riorganizzazioni e ristrutturazioni. Siamo inoltre il vostro primo punto di contatto se avete bisogno di consulenza su questioni quali la successione aziendale, l’acquisizione e il trasferimento di beni immobili, la pianificazione successoria, la corporate governance e la limitazione della responsabilità dei dirigenti.

Siamo imprenditori, proprio come voi. Sappiamo cosa vi spinge. Siamo diretti, accessibili, orientati al cliente e professionali. Parliamo con un linguaggio semplice, sia per quanto riguarda i nostri servizi sia per quanto riguarda le tariffe applicate. Con noi sapete come comportarvi.



HEUSSEN is een advocaten en notaris kantoor gevestigd in Amsterdam (Nederland) met tevens onafhankelijke kantoren in Duitsland en Italië (Milaan, Rome en Conegliano).

HEUSSEN adviseert zowel zakelijke als particuliere cliënten uit binnen en buitenland op een breed spectrum van juridische aangelegenheden. Ons vennootschaps- en financieringsteam adviseert over en assisteert bij onder andere de oprichting van rechtspersonen, aandelenemissies, overnames, financiering van rechtspersonen, fusies en splitsingen, reorganisaties en herstructureringen en ons arbeidsrecht team kan u helpen bij alle arbeidsrechtelijke vraagstukken van de onderneming, zoals aandelenoptieplannen, collectieve arbeidsovereenkomsten, aangaan en beëindiging van arbeidsovereenkomsten, medezeggenschapsrecht, reorganisaties en collectief ontslag en grensoverschrijdende arbeid.

Speciaal voor onze Italiaanse cliënten heeft HEUSSEN een Italian desk, die erop is gericht juridische diensten te verlenen aan Italiaanse bedrijven die zich willen vestigen of al gevestigd zijn in Nederland.

HEUSSEN begrijpt de culturele verschillen tussen zaken doen in Italië en Nederland, en onze advocaten en notarissen hebben ruime ervaring met de juridische aspecten die van belang zijn voor onze Italiaanse cliënten.


HEUSSEN è uno studio legale e notaio basato ad Amsterdam (Paesi Bassi) e uffici indipendenti in Germania e in Italia (Milano, Roma e Conegliano).

HEUSSEN fornisce consulenza a clienti privati e aziendali, sia nazionali che esteri, su un ampio spettro di questioni legali. Il nostro team di diritto societario e finanziario fornisce consulenza e assistenza, tra l’altro, nella costituzione di entità giuridiche, nell’emissione di azioni, nelle acquisizioni, nel finanziamento di entità giuridiche, nelle fusioni e nelle scissioni, nelle riorganizzazioni e nelle ristrutturazioni. Il nostro team di diritto del lavoro è in grado di assistervi in tutte le questioni relative al diritto del lavoro aziendale, come i piani di stock option, i contratti collettivi di lavoro, la stipula e la risoluzione dei contratti di lavoro, il diritto di codeterminazione, le riorganizzazioni e i licenziamenti collettivi e il lavoro transfrontaliero.

Specialmente per i nostri clienti italiani, HEUSSEN dispone di un desk italiano che fornisce servizi legali alle aziende italiane che desiderano stabilirsi o sono già stabilite nei Paesi Bassi.

HEUSSEN comprende le differenze culturali tra l’attività commerciale in Italia e nei Paesi Bassi e i nostri avvocati e notai di diritto civile hanno una vasta esperienza negli aspetti legali importanti per i nostri clienti italiani.




Lo studio legale internazionale Simmons & Simmons presenta il desk italiano della sede olandese Lo studio legale internazionale Simmons & Simmons ha creato un desk italiano per assistere clienti italiani in lingua italiana, tra i quali banche, istituzioni finanziarie, società quotate e non ed altre imprese che operano in ambito internazionale. Il desk, basato ad Amsterdam, sarà guidato dagli avvocati Marieke Driessen, partner, e Frédérique Jacobse, counsel, con l’assistenza del senior associate Fabrizio Nebuloni. L’attività del desk sarà incentrata nel fornire assistenza giuridica a clienti italiani che desiderano effettuare operazioni in territorio olandese o che cercano accesso al mercato olandese e più in generale nel fornire consulenza in materia di diritto olandese.

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FJP Advocaten since 1996. FJP Advocaten was formed in 1996 in Amsterdam in order to offer judicial and extra-judicial assistance to our clients. Originally located in Valeriusplein, our office later moved to its current address in Beethovenstraat, Amsterdam.

Personalized services and tailor made assistance. All our services are based on personal contact with our clients and are aimed at providing clear answers to their juridical questions. We are convinced that offering our clients simple, clear communication is key to helping them make informed choices on judicial problems. The process begins by discussing the issues at stake, defining and agreeing goals and from there, moving forward.




With over 30 years’ experience in the design and manufacturing industry, Ruby Nefkens has a unique understanding of the issues you face.

Over the years Ruby Nefkens has come to specialise in furnishing and interior design in particular. But it’s not only companies in this industry that know how to find her. Her clients are national and international companies in a wide range of sectors, from architecture to IT, from leisure boats to domestic appliances, from clothing to media and art.

You can always count on her sharing thoughts and ideas with you to come up with the best solution. For this, she has been working with Hylke Klasens, an independent lawyer, for many years.

And if you need advice that crosses national borders, she can call on the international network of lawyers she has built up over many years




Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers is the leading B2B expert for debt collection in Italy and international debt collection. As a specialist law firm, we have helped over 24.000 clients across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the USA ranging from small and medium enterprises to multinational corporations.

Our Italian Desk will be the first point of contact when dealing with an Italian trading partner. We can assist our clients with payment claims, trade disputes, contract management as well as national and international mergers and acquisitions, securities and bankruptcies.

With a team that is native to the Italian language, business culture and has the knowledge and experience in local laws and regulations, our Italian Desk overcomes the challenges that many encounter when doing international business. Simultaneously, should an Italian company do business with a Dutch trading partner, then our Dutch Desk can assist too. Because we understand how relations with Italian and international companies work, we help our clients find the solutions that matter.








ARBEIDSRECHT U kunt bij ons terecht voor alle kwesties op het gebied van het arbeidsrecht, waaronder reorganisaties en herstructureringen, collectief en individueel ontslag, concurrentiegeschillen en OR-aangelegenheden

ONDERNEMINGSRECHT Onze advocaten zijn onderlegd in het ondernemingsrecht in de breedste zin van het woord. Wij richten ons hoofdzakelijk op grote en middelgrote ondernemingen, start-ups, aandeelhouders, bestuurders en brancheorganisaties SPORTRECHT Onze sportrechtadvocaten richten zich specifiek op de behoeften van sportorganisaties, sportbonden en -verenigingen en individuele topsporters. Wij combineren een brede kennis van het recht met een diepgaande kennis van de sportwereld





  • Contracts in both English and Dutch languages
  • Founding Holding in Olanda
  • New market opening in the Nederlands, Usa, Cina and Russia
  • Direct and indirect legal support within Italy, The Nederlands and Spain


  • Company Start-up
  • Company grown up
  • Thinking and writing of a Business plan
  • Finance (relations with banks)
  • New market opening (in the Nederland, USA, Spain, Cina, Russia and ItalY)


  • Contracts
  • M&A
  • Due diligence
  • Patent law


  • Hiring and selecting staff in Italy and The Netherlands
  • Searching for suppliers
  • Marketing Personell research and selection in the Nederlands and Italy
  • Comunication
  • Marketing
  • Tax advice regarding the purchase, management and sale of real estate in Italy/The Netherlands.
  • Analysis and identification of “tax reduction areas” in Italy, in order to obtain tax benefits and facilities in accessing European funds.




ADF & Partners ( è uno studio legale fondato dall’avvocato olandese Johan de Flines, con sede nel centro storico di Milano.

Lo Studio fornisce assistenza giudiziale e stragiudiziale in diritto internazionale e italiano, in particolare nel diritto commerciale e nel diritto del lavoro.

Oltre due terzi dei clienti ha sede principale all’estero, motivo per cui l’assistenza si svolge sia in italiana, olandese ed in inglese.

I membri dello studio uniscono competenze ed esperienze per fornire ai clienti soluzioni legali efficaci, concreti e al passo con il tempo per operare al meglio in una realtà sempre più complessa e competitiva.

ADF & Partners fa anche parte del Network di matrice olandese, il Dutch Business Lawyers Abroad (DBLA,, con avvocati associati aventi sede in 17 paesi del mondo.




Willems Advocaten & Rechtsanwälte is een advocatenkantoor met een commerciële praktijk. Het kantoor, opgericht in 1948, is present in Amsterdam en Düsseldorf. Een van de advocaten is toegelaten tot de balie in Duitsland, waar, in samenwerking met Duitse advocaten, naar Duits recht wordt geadviseerd en geprocedeerd.



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DSV Media
Adres: Korte Prinsengracht 44, 1013 GT Amsterdam
Telefoon: 020 320 8087



Donatello Piras Media (Media, Business Services & Journalism) is a media company founded by Radio and Television Presenter (BNR Newsradio, Talpa Network) host, and trainer Donatello Piras.

In addition to leading and facilitating international corporate conferences and gatherings, he provides training in communication and persuasion to top executives, politicians, and professionals. He is also the creator and host of the Italy Podcast and other Podcasts for Brands.



Italië Magazine is het grootste magazine over Italië en al meer dan 25 jaar een bron van inspiratie voor Italië-liefhebbers in Nederland en België. Het blad belicht de Italiaanse lifestyle in al zijn facetten: van reizen, kunst, design, mode en cultuur tot gastronomie en la dolce vita. Met boeiende reportages over het unieke karakter van de verschillende regio’s en de prachtige steden. Niet alleen de geliefde vakantiebestemmingen komen aan bod, maar met name ook de minder bekende plekken, zodat je altijd weer een nieuwe kant van Italië ontdekt. In het huizenkatern presenteren makelaars een exclusieve selectie van koop- en huurhuizen. Naast Italië Magazine verschijnt ook het Duitstalige Italien Magazin in Duitsland, Oostenrijk, Zwitserland, Luxemburg en Süd-Tirol/Alto Adige.

EN For more than 25 years Italië Magazine is the biggest magazine about Italy and a continuous source of inspiration for Italy-fans in the Netherlands and Belgium. The magazine highlights the Italian lifestyle in all its aspects: travel, art, design, fashion, culture, gastronomy and la dolce vita. With fascinating features about the unique character of different regions and cities. The magazine not only writes about favorite destinations, but especially pays attention to hidden gems so that readers keep discovering new sides to Italy. In the real estate section realtors present an exclusive selection of houses for sale or rent. Next to distribution in the Netherlands and Belgium, the German Italien Magazin is distributed in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Süd-Tirol/Alto Adige.

IT Italie Magazine è da oltre 25 anni la più importante rivista di viaggi-lifestyle dedicato all’Italia e al made in Italy e tutto’ora continua ad essere fonte d’ispirazione per i tanti fan dell’Italia in Olanda e Belgio. Il magazine mette in luce, attraverso affascinanti redazionali, lo stile di vita Italiano in tutti i suoi aspetti: viaggi, arte, design, moda, cultura, gastronomia e la dolce vita. Nel magazine non si descrivono soltanto le destinazioni più conosciute, ma anche e soprattutto le mete meno note, per offrire ai lettori la possibilità di scoprire tutti gli aspetti di un’Italia “segreta”.Nella sezione dedicata all’immobiliare, le agenzie presentano una selezione esclusiva di case ed appartamenti in vendita e in affitto.

Nei Paesi di lingua tedesca (Germania, Austria, Svizzera e Alto Adige) siamo attivi con Italien Magazin


Portfolio Graphic designer

Portfolio Photo retoucher

Stefano Giussani is a freelance graphic designer and photo retoucher based in Amsterdam.  Originally from Milan, he has more than 10 years of working experience in the design industry.

In 2018 he founded SG visual communication, and ever since he helps companies, brands and photographers to enhance the value of their work through expert photo editing and communication design.

What he loves the most about his job is that it requires creativity, yet very technical knowledge and skills. What moves him even more is working on collaborative projects, during which he has the chance to connect with clients or other creative professionals.

At the end of the day, it brings him joy to see his clients satisfied with the outcome of his work; either this comes from completely transforming the dynamics of a shot, or creating designs tailored to advertising and company branding.

Feel free to contact him for any inquiries or just to have a chat at


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We provide a wide range of consulting services through a staff continually updated and prepared on the real market assessments of the area. In the sale or purchase of residential property, craft, commercial, luxury villas, luxury properties.

Direct contact with customers, a deep understanding of their needs and requirements, are the basis of our operational approach. We are always able to respond immediately and quickly to specific housing needs. Ready solutions, customized and guaranteed.

Professionalism, courtesy and transparency was the winning formula for success over time and are the qualities that distinguish the real estate agency Casanotizia, allowing you to get to the final choice in a safe and satisfied way.

Alessandro Gabriele is the Casanotizia owner, based in a highly traffic area of ​​the first outskirts of Lucca, in Viale San Concordio 537. He has over 30 years of experience in the field as a real estate agent and Technical Advisor to the Court and the Chamber of Commerce of Lucca , also holds the important position in the council of National Fimaa (Italian Association of Business Agents in mediation), Regional President Fimaa Tuscany, Provincial President Fimaa Lucca, within the oldest and largest association in Italy, with over 14,000 member agencies on throughout the country, by Confcommercio, which represents the entire sector of Mediation, Real Estate Agents, Credit Brokers and Intermediaries Merchandise.




Our real estate agency is specialized in country homes,  farmhouses to restore or restored in Umbria. Whether you are looking for a house for sale in Le Marche, a luxury property with swimming pool for sale in Tuscany, a farmhouse to restore  in northern Lazio, a rustic house for renovation in Umbria, a castle, a village house with garden, whether you want to buy a second home for holidays or a property for permanent living, have a look at our property list, with a variety of houses for sale. 

Once you’ve found your dream house in Italy we can help you through the entire purchase procedure, which is getting more and more complicated in Italy. If you need a mortgage, we can help and find an Italian mortgage bank for your Umbrian of Tuscan property. And if you already own property in Italy and want to sell it, we can assist you as your qualified real estate broker in Italy; we have a very active marketing policy locally in Umbria,  and in the rest of Italy, as well as in Italian property magazines abroad (in Holland, Germany, the UK and other European countries), and we also attend many second home exhibitions, mainly in the Netherlands and Belgium,  thus reaching a wide range of people interested in your property for sale.


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We are an agency specialised in multilingual recruitment across Europe. Our agency has almost 25 years of experience as a multilingual recruiter. We offer a selection of the best talented candidates in a variety of disciplines (Legal, Administration, Finance, Sales, Technical positions) and in many different sectors.


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European ports and also on the Westcoast of the US through our MSW branch office in Houston (TX). Moreover we have a subsidiary, J. van Doorn B.V., serving successfully the hotels and gastronomy with non-food products since 1935




F.y.i. W.G. van der Zanden B.V. was founded in 1894 in Rotterdam as a Dutch supplier to shipchandlers. We are a modern and dynamic nonfood importer, exporter and wholesaler, specialized in household items, textiles, hotelware, food service equipment, working clothes, garbage containers, fitness and welfare equipment, cleaning products and disposables. In our modern Rotterdam warehouse we stock over 4000 articles, serving partners in all major