The Italian Chamber of Commerce for The Netherlands, in collaboration with the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Pavia, is organising a digital B2B in the wine sector

 “AP Business Digital Event “, from 7th to 11th June 2021.

It has been a difficult moment for the wine sector, we are aware of that, however this event will give you the opportunity to know new companies and products that might be useful in the near future.

All the B2B meetings with the selected companies of the province of Pavia will be held online.

Each meeting will have a duration of approximately 45 minutes and will represent an opportunity for both buyers and producers to get to know each other and to exchange useful information.

Upon registration and confirmation, each participant will receive, by mail, boxes containing the samples of the products of the producers of his/her choice.

This will enable you to follow the presentation of the products and to taste them in the safety of your home.

Please find attached the list of the Italian companies registered to the meetings, let us know which are your preferences giving us your choice, mentioning also the first favourites three and the three ones you really do not want to meet.

Let us also know if there are days during which you cannot attend, we will keep it in mind in the drafting of your personal agenda.

If you are interested, please fill the reply form in and send it back to , before 7th May 2021.

Please note that places are limited, and request of participation first has to be evaluated and accepted by the host organisation.