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IGOR Gorgonzola is the global leading company in the production of PDO Gorgonzola, a typical Italian cheese of the Novara area (Piedmont region), that is considered among the Italian gastronomic traditions of excellence.
We are a company producing only Gorgonzola PDO cheese. The PDO mark (Protected Designation of Origin) is a European recognition attributed to those products whose production phases take place in a geographically delimited area and is rigorously in compliance with a precise production specification with respect to the tradition.
Gorgonzola DOP can be either Sweet or Piccante. It’s impossible to mistake one variety for the other because both of them have unique features.Sweet Gorgonzola is characterized by a soft texture with a limited soft blue-green marbling. It has a delicate flavour which comes from a maturation of at least 50 days.Piccante (Spicy) Gorgonzola has a harder paste with a more intense and widespread blue-green marbling. The taste is strong and piccante (very spicy) probably due to a longer maturation period of at least 80 days.We have very different formats of sales of our products, for example: whole wheels, half wheels, 1/4 of wheels, 1/8 of wheel, 1/16 of wheel, and portions of 200/150g.
We also produced cubed gorgonzola PDO in the format 170g, 500g, 1.2 kg and 5 kg.We also have organic gorgonzola.We also produce goat blue cheese.We also commercialize other products: mascarpone, mozzarella, buffalo mozzarella, fontal, taleggio, ricotta, grana padano.

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